You have questions, we have answers. Take a moment to learn more about the You Got Loved service.

What does the text message look like that’s sent out?2020-01-27T22:08:27-06:00

Here’s what the recipient receives.


Here’s what the sender receives.


And here’s what the You Got Loved message looks like when you tap the link.


I struggle with the personalized message. Do you have suggestions?2020-01-27T21:46:55-06:00

Just let the love flow and speak from your heart.  But just know, your personalized message doesn’t have to be long to be special. Sending any message is thoughtful and will be cherished by your loved one.  Keep it short and sweet if you’d like.  Here are some examples:

Love you.

I love you.

All my love.

Have a wonderful day sweetheart.

Thinking of you.

You are everything to me.

I want your day to be as special as you are to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day.

You are simply the best (wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, etc.) I could have asked for.


What is the printed size of the card?2020-01-25T07:11:19-06:00

If you choose the delivery method “Mailed Card” whereby You Got Loved is printing and sending it to your loved one, the card size is 5″ x 7″.  Some versions are vertical and some are horizontal.  This is a standard greeting card size.

What phone number does the text messages deliver from?2020-01-26T13:25:04-06:00

When you select “text message” as the delivery method, it will be sent from phone number 831-777-5683.  Although it will not be displayed the last four digits 5683 stand for LOVE!

Can I send a message to someone outside the United States?2020-01-24T09:58:41-06:00

No, we are only “live” in the United States.  Look for worldly expansion soon!  After all, the World Needs More Love and we want to share it with the world.

Can I send an anonymous message?2020-01-29T19:13:46-06:00

No, we require a name to be included with each message.

Do I have to add a personal message?2020-01-24T09:58:41-06:00

No, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to come up with something additional to say.  You can send just the love image and it will be amazing!

Why can’t I send more than one love image per purchase?2020-01-26T13:48:49-06:00

Because of the unique feature whereby you can add a personal message, we are currently limited to one per purchase, but we look forward to expanding this feature soon!  With that being said, you can still order multiple times–one for your sweetheart, another for a friend, another for someone who needs encouragement and the list goes on!  Spread some love!

Can I choose a different day and time for each of the five bundle pack images to be delivered?2020-01-24T09:58:41-06:00

You can choose the day and time of the first image only and then the remaining four will be sent each hour thereafter.

How much does this cost?2020-01-26T13:27:15-06:00

Our primary goal is to spread love so we made each purchase very economical at $.99 per email or text message or $2.99 for a bundle pack of five.  Our bundle packs are only available via email or text message.

Additionally, we offer an all-in-one new service including a mailed greeting card option, with either regular shipping ($4.99) or express shipping ($19.99), where we will print the card, along with your personal message, and mail it to your loved one.  We offer an excellent convenient service plus all the unique and fun features for these one-of-a-kind cards that cannot be found in any retail store.

How are you different than other eCards?2020-01-25T07:22:21-06:00

Our love images feature one-of-a-kind art drawings made from chalk by New York artist, David Paris.  We offer both virtual card and physical greeting card services.  We have a unique social media sharing option that allows your loved one to share your email or text love image with their friends and we also give them an option to print the love image using their own printer.  But that’s not all!  Some people still like the more traditional physical greeting card so we also offer a service whereby you choose the image you want, add a personalized message (optional), and we will print and mail the card to your loved one.  We also let you choose the day and time you want to send your message.  And lastly, our unique “shower” bundle pack which is available for email and text delivery lets you send five love messages every hour.  You choose the time of the first email or text message and we initiate the remaining four, one per hour.  How fun is that!

Are these images really printable?2020-01-24T09:58:41-06:00

Yes!  The recipient will receive a high resolution JPG image that is printable.  As stated in our Terms of Use, the image will print beautifully from most printers, but we cannot guarantee the quality from your personal printer as settings, printer, and paper quality vary.

Will I get a confirmation email of my purchase?2020-01-24T09:58:41-06:00

Yes, you will receive a receipt emailed to the address you provided us shortly after your purchase.

What methods of payment do you accept?2020-01-26T13:51:17-06:00

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

What does the email look like that’s sent out?2020-01-27T21:55:38-06:00

Great question! See an example of the recipient email below.

How do I know my message is going to be delivered?2020-01-26T14:00:57-06:00

For messages sent via text:  The sender (you) will receive a text notification when your text is sent out and, even better, we will include a link to the card URL so you can see exactly what is being sent to your loved one!

For messages sent via email:  While we have taken extra special measures to give your You Got Loved message the best chance to arrive in that special someone’s inbox… there’s still the possibility it could land in their spam/junk folder. With each person’s spam filters and security settings being different, we can’t 100% guarantee direct delivery into their inbox.

Gmail: If you send to a Gmail account, please note that your message may go into the “Promotions” tab/category. Be sure to have the recipient check there as well.

To that, simply sending a little teaser email to your loved one to let them know something’s on the way will help. For example: “Keep an eye on your inbox for something special from me. XOXO”