The World Needs More LOVE!

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to share positive, enriching and affirmative products and messages with the world. In my line of work, I met an artist whose work supported this goal.
It’s simple.  The World Needs More Love and we created the perfect solution. Spread some love with an e-love message or personalized greeting card featuring the beautiful chalk drawings of New York artist, David Paris, exclusive to You Got Loved. We specialize in e-love text messages and greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but we have something for everyone whether it’s sweet, romantic, playful, loving, spiritual, family related or just for a friend.
Once you choose a design from over 100 of our exclusive images, you will have the option to add a personal message and you even get to choose the day and time you want us to send it. The recipient will have the option to share their e-love message on social media but don’t worry, your personal message stays private.  Did I mention we also give your recipient the option to print their e-love message?
If you want to do something extra special, we have the option to “shower” your loved one with a bundle pack of 5 different love messages that we have pre-selected for you. You choose the day and time for us to send the first message and the following four will be sent every hour thereafter.  But that’s not all! We now offer a print and mail service.  You choose a design, add a personal message, tell us when you want it delivered by and we print and mail it for you.  Our goal is to spread love in a way that is easy and fun!
We’ve got you covered!
Love and fun is a good combination. Let’s blow up social media with positivity. Now have fun and go spread some love!